Atomstack S30 pro New Release

2023/03/01 10:29:40
Miao Xu
パリ5区 , France

Atomstack S30 Pro is the world's first 33-36w laser power output engraving machine. Equipped with F30 pro air assist kit, the cutting capacity is greatly improved while the cutting accuracy and cutting quality can also be optimized to a great extent.

AtomStack S30 Pro Features
The Atomstack S30 Pro is a professional laser cutting machine that is widely recognized worldwide for its superior performance. With the highest machining positioning accuracy, the AtomStack S30 Pro is best suited for applications such as precision cutting, bending, and engraving. S30 Pro adopts the most advanced three-axis port mechanism to ensure its accuracy and service life are stable and reliable. With 33W high-power diode laser module, it can easily cope with cutting different materials with high utilization rate. The S30 Pro's high-precision transmission system converts ultra-low deformation motion data into high-precision work accuracy, with positioning accuracy up to 0.01mm. The body structure is robust and durable, and can work stably even under high pressure and vibration environments. S30 Pro integrates precise weak water analysis software, which can easily set the processing parameters according to the actual situation and realize precise cutting. Users can freely design various patterns according to the actual situation to realize personalized production.

S30 Pro laser engraver adopts intelligent operating system, graphical interface, simple operation steps, even beginners can quickly get started, the operation is more simple and convenient. Users can directly import HD image files and set processing parameters independently to achieve precise adjustment of parameters and processing range. Its parameter setting function allows users to easily adjust the processing thickness, speed, processing material, etc. of laser processing. It also integrates precise coordinate measurement function, which can easily identify the size and position of each piece of material and coordinate precise positioning for accurate engraving and cutting. In addition, S30 Pro has an alarm mechanism. The system alerts when the parameters used do not match the settings to ensure user safety and better processing results.

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