Advantages and Disadvantages of standing desks

2022/03/23 12:13:57

Sitting has developed a bad name. Its negative impact on health has been compared to smoking, and sitting in front of a computer for nine-plus hours a day has led to a whopping 85% of workers reporting discomfort at work. But, there is hope for the modern-day office employee: the sit-stand desk or simply, standing office desk. People are quickly catching on to the benefits of this ergonomically sound tool that goes far beyond a simple piece of office equipment.
Advantages of standing desks
Standing desks were originally designed to avoid sedentary offices. By alternating standing and sitting, it not only mitigates the prevention of the various hazards of a sedentary office (see diagram), but at the same time a rational standing office can help us to clear our minds and improve work efficiency.
Due to the height the standing desk can be adjusted freely, so that the table can meet the use of different members. Whether it is a public table in an office, or family use, you can avoid the disadvantages of buying multiple tables, especially for families . Children sometimes want to play computer, the table is totally too high. Standing desks are very technical and at the same time have a wide range of supporting products. For example, alignment tubes can avoid the messy lines of traditional tables.
Disadvantages of standing desks
If you really want to say the disadvantages of standing desks, one word: expensive to buy, expensive: not to mention the price of foreign height adjustable desks easily 5-6000, on the domestic market, double motor standing desks basic 2000 to start, single motor standing desks also Between 1000 yuan - 2000 yuan, maintenance expensive. As for motor lifting and lifting tables, especially for double motor lifting tables, to control two motors synchronous operation at the same time, the core technology is the control system . Once damaged, maintenance costs are relatively high. This is a subject of concern. In fact, the stability of the lifting table is not quite comparable to the excellent quality of the normal table, or the use of a little difference, especially compared to the single motor, the current dual motor is very mature, speed, or stability, but the daily use is not affected. So, if you choose a quality-assured electric adjustable desk, stability is not to be feared, at the same time, if you use the desk more than usual, no ash-eating phenomenon, after all, ordinary tables also have standing desks, ordinary tables do not have or have standing desks.

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